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Soundproof products.
Is noise pollution as much of a concern as environmental pollution?

In recent decades, noise pollution has directly affected people's quality of life; especially in large cities of developing countries. How to avoid noise pollution from outside? How does the noise inside not affect the surrounding area? This is the reason for soundproofing materials to be born. They are an effective solution to the problem of two-way noise protection that every individual or business needs.

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Cat Tuong

Cat Tuong is a company that produces sound insulation materials first in Vietnam. Cat Tuong works with the goal of providing Optimal solutions to minimize the impact of nature, create an ideal living and working environment for people and community
Cat Tuong is committed to providing customers with optimal material solutions community towards a sustainable green built environment, achieve high efficiency in energy saving, minimize adverse impacts on the living environment and human health.

Building the Cat Tuong brand to become a symbol of quality and trust in the insulation industry. Cat Tuong always aims at innovation, creativity, application of science and technology to be able to meet the needs of customers in the best way.

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