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 Insulation For Cold Storage Floors - Cool Stores

Cold storage, cool storage are applied a lot in the field of production, processing and preservation of food, food, medical equipment and supplies... The use of cold storage helps to keep the freshness of food, food during processing and supply to the market.

So, what is the standard for cold storage and cool storage to preserve food and food for the longest and freshest?

1. Quality of cold storage floor, cool storage

The cold storage floor is the place under direct impact when storing a lot of goods and the movement of machines during transportation. Therefore, the cold storage floor must have good bearing capacity to avoid floor cracking and subsidence due to force impact.

On the other hand, the cold storage floor is also the intersection with a large temperature difference, often occurring the phenomenon of heat bridges causing floor cracking, which is not safe when storing.

The use of insulation for cold storage floors with great compressive capacity is always the top requirement of businesses when designing cold storage to preserve goods, food, food...

For cool storage, the difference in temperature between the warehouse and the environment is not too high, so there is no need for materials with good compression resistance. However, it is also very important to choose insulation materials with large bearing capacity for safety during storage and transportation.

2. Cool Foam XPS insulation for cold storage

Considered as the insulation product with the best compressive strength in the insulation foam, Cool Foam XPS suitable for all types of floors such as cold storage floors, cool storage floors, meeting the strict requirements for cold storage floors that few materials can meet:

- Cool Foam XPS prevents 97% of heat transfer into cold storage, reducing the efficiency of cold storage. Keeping the extreme cold level, (-18 to -22 degrees), helps food to ensure nutritional integrity.

- Extremely good bearing capacity and compression capacity, very suitable for the requirements when designing cold storage floors.

- Anti-condensation and freezing, does not increase the load of refracted vehicles, cold storage floors.


Measure the Compression of Cool Foam XPS

- Super waterproof ability (<1%) high moisture resistance, limiting the growth of mold and bacteria.

- Raw materials are produced from Polystyeren plastic beads, using CO2 in the supercritical state, on European technology lines, the product is non-toxic to the ozone layer and safe for health.

- Light weight, easy to cut and transport for quick and easy construction.



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