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Bubble Mailer

Metalic bubble mailer is know as Cat Tuong insulation bubble mailer   specialized for packaging goods with the function of preserving, insulating and anti-shock, preventing breakage during transportation.

- Produced from P1 Cat Tuong air bubble insulation material, for high heat-fast efficiency, completely insulated from the outside environment, suitable for packaging electronic components, confectionery, milk ...

- Cat Tuong bubble mailer and heat-resistant package bag is integrated with a 4mm thick airbag layer to minimize the risk of breakage for materials such as glass, ceramic, and porcelain.

- Manufactured from P1 insulated air bubble material with high durability, difficult to tear, ensuring that during transportation, it is not dented, stretched, etc.

- Dimensions: customize ( #000, #0, #2, #4 #6...)

- Color: Silver

- Shockproof and heat-insulated packing bags are manufactured by Cat Tuong Corp, a company specializing in the production of shockproof insulated bags to support freight. With export volume up to 5,000,000/piece/year, exported to UK, Korea, USA, Japan...

- Insulated envelope bags are manufactured from P1 insulation roll with 1 layer of high-grade aluminum plating integrated with 1 layer of 4mm thick air bags, operating in the method of heat reflection, helping goods and food be well preserved. more, prevent heat loss.

- Cat Tuong insulated packaging bags are very suitable for preserving tea, milk, confectionery, etc. to avoid mold and change in composition due to the influence of temperature.

- In addition, Cat Tuong insulated airbag is also used to pack and transport items such as cosmetics, lipstick, chalk...

- Kraft bubble mailer, poly padded mailer, poly mailer ..., we can provide all kind of bubble mailer and  printing color.



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