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Glass wool

Glass wool is a common factory insulation product, which has the effect of absorbing radiant heat and preventing heat transfer, in addition, it has the ability to insulate sound, reduce noise when it rains...

Products are widely used for halls, theaters, cinemas, karaoke rooms...

They are made up of fiberglass, no asbestos chemicals, safe to use.

Glass wool without aluminum foil or coated with aluminum foil, PVC glass cloth or other material depending on the item.

With a density that can reach 100Kg/m3 and a maximum working temperature of 300oC. Glass wool materials are commonly used in cold, sound and heat insulation systems for walls and roofs of constructions.

Glass wool

Glasswool  Ecowool – Polyglass

Ecowool is a type of stone cotton sheet specially designed for sound insulation - roof insulation. The new generation of glass wool is manufactured with the highest thermal insulation to help the house get the comfort needed. When installed, the insulation creates a barrier that prevents heat from passing through, keeping the house cool on hot days and keeping cool air inside.

Preeminent features

- The optimal size mineral wool fibers, about 4-5microns in diameter, create more small air pockets to improve insulation efficiency.

- A finer, slimmer, longer and evenly distributed yarn system provides resistance to traction so it's more durable, flexible and feels soft.

- Less dust and itching:  Specially designed for thermal comfort and low dust. So it will not cause discomfort during construction

- Do not create an environment for bacteria, mold or rodents to grow, affecting the quality of the work.
- Has exceptionally good sound absorption properties. Designed to reduce rain noise through roofs in industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

The sound-dampening performance of insulation can significantly reduce rain noise compared to a metal roof. At the same time prevent noise from the expansion of metal roof due to solar heat.

- Does not cause or accelerate corrosion of steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum due to its special inorganic and mineral composition.

- Inward-facing special coating allows long-term steam protection. A properly installed insulation board will help minimize concerns about condensation.

- Cannot be ignited, so it has the ability to prevent ignition when a fire occurs.


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