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Ceiling Insulation

The ceiling now has many beautiful designs to enhance the elegance of the house and the style of the owner. Some types of ceiling are popular today such as concrete ceiling, plaster ceiling, drop ceiling...

These types of ceilings are both decorative, on the other hand, they also help to create a space from the roof to the ceiling to help disperse the heat when absorbed into the house, reducing the heat of the sun.

However, on hot summer days, the temperature is always an obsession of many homeowners, and the ceiling does not promote a clear anti-heat effect, so a combined insulation product is the right choice. for each family.

To choose which materials have good features, without affecting the aesthetics is also a question containing many different answers. With Cat Tuong, in addition to the basic feature of good insulation, a perfect insulation method needs to have more sustainable and lasting values ​​like that.

1. Insulation for drop ceiling

Drop ceilings are now used a lot in houses and businesses with a large area, both luxurious and personality and very diverse in designs. The advantage of a drop ceiling is that when doing insulation, it almost does not change the aesthetics and does not expose the insulation to the outside.Using Cat Tuong insulated airbag panels fixed on the drop ceiling helps reflect heat up to 97%, bringing a cool space for the family. At the same time, it helps to reduce noise by 60-70%, keeping the space quiet for comfortable rest.

2. Insulation for concrete ceiling

Concrete ceilings are still used by most families today because of their high applicability, when decorating ceiling lights also becomes more luxurious. To insulate concrete ceilings, you should use Cool Foam XPS Cat Tuong.




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