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Insulation For Concrete Roof

The roof of the concrete terrace is the place where the most direct sunlight is absorbed in the buildings. Heat absorbed and stored in the upper terrace concrete floor will radiate to the lower floor, where the low temperature makes the top floors and attic extremely hot and stuffy. […]
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Wall insulation

The choice of solutions to prevent heat and heat insulation for the west wall is one of the most concerned issues today. […]
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Roof insulation with Rockwool

The corrugated iron roof on summer days is always the "obsession" of many homeowners, especially factories or industrial zones, the heat that accumulates and radiates down from the roof causes sultry air, affecting the environment. to every activity in your life. […]
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Insulated Warehouses & Refrigerated Trucks

With a geographical location on three sides bordering the sea, a rich tropical climate, it can be said that Vietnam is known as the world's leading country in the field of import and export of seafood, fruits, agricultural products... Therefore, the problem preservation and storage for these products is extremely important. […]
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