Bubble Wrap

350.000 VNĐ

Bubble Wrap products are considered as an indispensable companion to products and services during transportation, especially frozen foods or fragile goods such as ceramics, glass, electronics, etc. The air-inflated bubble will perfectly protect your product whether on rough roads or on high-speed routes. In addition, the surface of the product is covered by a foam film that will help minimize scratches and cause product loss.

Cat Tuong Company specializes in providing air foam film products with many different sizes. Helping you maximize business profits in the best way.

- Anti-shocks, anti-scratch products

- High quality imported materials, suitable for food protection, safe for health

- Easy to use, can be reused when needed

- Create freshness, avoid crushing for fruit foods

- Limit breakage, breakage for electronic products, glass, ceramics

- High-quality materials make the product tough, flexible and elastic than other products of the same type

Protect the product from external influences.

Suitable for wrapping products: cosmetics, electronics, ceramics, glass, fruits, ornamental plants, seedlings...

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